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Hair Transplant 10 Years Later, How Will I Look?

Will the progression of alopecia affect the transplanted hair?

Alopecia, in most cases, is a progressive condition in both men and women. This implies an increase in the alopecic zone, a greater weakening of the hair or even the arrival of total baldness, among other circumstances.

Hair transplantation, as we always tell you, is the only definitive solution to combat alopecia. Despite the passing of the years, the grafted hair will not fall out, while the alopecia will continue its course, and will cause the loss of hair that has not undergone the hair transplant, if it is not remedied.

Therefore, after 10 years, the hair transplant will continue to maintain the same quality as the first day and without falling out. At the same time that we affirm this, from Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic we warn of the need to care for and maintain healthy ungrafted hair, since it will undergo the increasing natural evolution of alopecia.

The advancement of alopecia will not affect the grafted hair in any case. This is because the patient’s donor area has a safety margin, which is called the safety area. It is an area that should not be invaded or used when performing the hair surgery, because it is located in this hair that is genetically prepared not to fall.

Thus, grafted hair is hair that does not fall out over time, which gives the patient security and a guarantee of success in making the decision to have a hair transplant to definitively combat alopecia.

A good hair surgeon, a good hair clinic

The success and safety of a hair transplant will lie in good decision-making by the patient on where to perform it and in which professional they choose.

Indeed, the responsibility of the patient in the postoperative phase will also be fundamental, in which he must follow the plan of periodic reviews and the medical treatment indicated by the specialist. That guarantees the life of the hair graft.

In conclusion, the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic is a clinic dedicated exclusively to hair transplantation and the application of regenerative anti-alopecia treatments. It has state-of-the-art facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and a unique professional team in the sector, headed by the renowned Dr. Ezequiel Panno.

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