Capillary Stromal Therapy

Capillary stromal therapy is a new modality in the field of capillary regeneration, committed to using the same follicular units (grafts) that are removed from the patient’s scalp to be used as the basis for stromal therapy.  The process involves removing five samples of hair follicles and tissues from the donor area behind the ear.  

Once removed, it is treated through a special machine, the result of that treatment is injected back into the patient’s scalp.  With this process, what is achieved is to contribute mesodermal cells, that is, of the same mesodermal origin as the scalp. 

Active capillary stromal therapy regenerates and seeks to repair and regenerate hair in the area, improving the quality of existing hair.  Active regeneration is one of the newest hair treatments used to treat hair loss, thinning and thinning in men and women.

 The hair begins to grow and becomes stronger as our hair goes into the anagen phase.  This treatment shows results in a single session, and can be repeated 2 or 3 years after its application.

Evolution of the hair regeneration field

The field of hair regeneration is constantly evolving and more and more new treatments are incorporated into our wide range of regenerative therapies at Dr. Panno’s Hair Clinic. 

A new aspect is capillary stromal therapy, in which the patient’s autologous cells are the basis of the treatment.  The hair follicles found on the back of the ear are coded to protect the effects of DHT which is the cause of male hair loss, the basis of this. 

The DHT hormone belongs to the class of compounds called androgens, also called androgenic hormones.  DHT is the most powerful androgen, about three times more than testosterone, and is responsible for the growth of the prostate, the recession of the hair line of the scalp and the increase in body and facial hair. 

On the other hand, preventive hair medicine offers medical hair treatments including hair mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, finasteride and minoxidil.  The combination of these treatments helps to prevent the fall and growth of the implant after hair surgery. 

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