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Stem Cells and Fat Transfer in Alopecia

 How stem cells and fat improve hair quality

Stem cells and body fat are great allies of the scalp.  In those scalps where the hypodermis or the fat layer is less, the hair is of lesser quality, and where the fat layer is better and wider, the hair has a better quality.
The procedure for the transfer of fat and stem cells consists of transferring fat from a patient’s body area – abdomen, legs or buttocks – to the scalp.
Once removed, the fat undergoes a process in which stem cells are concentrated, and it is transferred again with a cannula to the scalp.
It is recommended to transfer fat and stem cells at most once a year.  It is a complementary treatment aimed at improving the quality of the hair, and it is ideal for preparing the hypodermis for future regenerative treatments that the patient undergoes, such as PRP or mesotherapy.

Other complementary hair regeneration treatments

At Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic, the first clinic in Spain dedicated exclusively to hair transplantation, we offer a wide variety of regenerative treatments to improve alopecia, which do not require surgery, and which are the perfect complement to hair surgery.
There are many patients who come to the Clinic in search of these treatments to improve the quality of their hair, improve the appearance, volume and, the most important reason: prevent alopecia.  In addition, at certain times of the year these treatments will be more than necessary to repair the hair.
Preventive hair medicine offers medical hair treatments including hair mesotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), finasteride and minoxidil.  The combination of these treatments helps to prevent hair loss, and hair growth after hair graft surgery.
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