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Autumn And Hair Loss

How autumn affects our hair

The arrival of autumn affects our hair and it is very common to experience unusual hair loss, among other aspects.  Do not panic!
Surely, you have verified that hair falls to a greater or lesser extent throughout the year, and, normally, a greater volume of hair loss is experienced in the changes of season.  This is known as seasonal fall and it is a reality that affects both men and women and therefore we notice more hair loss in spring and autumn, at the beginning of the seasonal changes.
The name by which this phenomenon is known is seasonal telogen effluvium, which affects most of the population due to the photoperiod, through which light alters our hormones and, these in turn, our hair.
Seasonal telogen effluvium should not be a cause for alarm, since as a general rule, hair that falls out grows back, and there must be a balance between what is lost and what is born.  In the case of experiencing chronic hair loss, it is advisable to go to a specialist to assess the particular case and for the doctor to draw up a regenerative hair treatment plan for the patient.

The best hair treatment for fall: deep hair hydration therapy

In addition to experiencing the so-called seasonal telogen effluvium, hair is found in the months of September and October under the consequences of the passage of summer through our hair.  Hair suffers in summer from external factors to which it is exposed – the effects of the sun, chlorine in swimming pools, salt from sea water, etc.  – and therefore, it appears drier and with a lack of brightness and luminosity in autumn.
At Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic we offer and recommend deep hair hydration therapy as a star hair regeneration treatment to treat your hair after the summer.  It is a preventive treatment, recommended as care before and after the changes of season.
Its purpose is to rehydrate the hair from the scalp to its end.  Avoid suffering from it, giving an extra thickness and shine.  It is an easy-to-apply and non-invasive hair treatment that restores lost splendor to your hair.
If you are interested in undergoing a hair transplant or learn about our wide range of hair regenerative treatments, at Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic we offer you a free first informative consultation to solve all the questions you need.
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