How To Prepare Hair For Summer

Hair rehydration therapy for the summer

In the months leading up to summer, it is common to think about preparing the body for the summer season.  Many begin to eat a more balanced diet to lose a little weight, others bet to exercise and get fitter, etc.  But not only that is important, have you considered preparing your hair for summer?

At the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we offer you a star therapy to get your hair ready for the sunny months: hair rehydration therapy, which, as its name suggests, consists of rehydrating the hair from the scalp.  This treatment should be applied both before and after the summer.  We tell you below.

 Before the summer …

Because you have to prepare it for the summer!  With two or three sessions of capillary rehydration therapy, your hair will be ready to be exposed to all the external factors that the summer season brings.

Hair rehydration therapy is a mesotherapy-type treatment that consists of applying, through small injections, a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, a dose of medication – if you also need to treat hair loss – and unbranched hyaluronic acid.  The latter is the most important injectable element.  Through this therapy it is possible to hydrate the hair from the root, thus increasing its caliber and generating a greater volume.  The hydration effect lasts for about a month, so there should be a time interval of about three weeks between sessions.

From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic it is recommended to carry out two sessions of capillary rehydration therapy before the moment in which you are going to enjoy the summer to protect the hair from all the external agents that affect and harm it so much:  the sun, the sea, the pool, etc.

 After the summer…

The passage of summer shows our hair, and a lot!  That is why, once the summer is over and habits and routines return to normal, the hair must be subjected to two hair rehydration therapies, three weeks apart, so that the hair recovers.  , hydrate and protect yourself.

Thus, the purpose of applying hair rehydration therapy after the summer is to recover the hair from dehydration or mistreatment to which it has been subjected in summer.

Although these lines indicate that this treatment is ideal to prepare the hair for the summer and to replace it after the summer, at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, hair rehydration therapy is applied to patients throughout the year.  , because the water we have on the Costa del Sol is hard and affects the hair’s health.

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