How To Style Your Hair At Home

Hair care should be a constant habit, part of our daily routine, to maintain healthy hair.  Having strong and shiny hair is not a matter of genetics, but of care, so following some basic guidelines at home will help you achieve it.

Here are some tips so that you can get your hair ready from home:

At lunchtime…

Hair care begins with the stomach.  A balanced and healthy diet together with good quality products are key to having well-nourished and shiny hair.  When choosing foods, opt for those that are high in Vitamin B6, protein, folic acid, and essential fatty acids.  Add to the weekly menu: tuna, salmon, almonds, bananas, spinach, eggs, tomatoes or legumes.

When it comes to washing it …

Wash hair only when necessary.  The daily routine to have strong hair includes the shower but not as often as we thought.  If you exercise in the morning, try only to rinse your hair in the shower, and wash it when you shower at night.  That is, do not wash your hair every time you shower.

And remember!  Use cold water for your hair.  Hot water helps to remove dirt but also increases the porosity of the hair and makes it brittle.

When it comes to drying it …

The application of heat is one of the greatest enemies of the hair.  When you get out of the shower, use a towel to remove the traces of water as much as possible, squeezing the ends well.  Avoid using the dryer in hot function, you will always have the option of using the cold air function if you do not want to keep your hair wet, and more if it is winter.

The same goes for irons or straightners – avoid them whenever you can!

At the time of combing it….

Comb or brush?  Always comb!  When you have to comb your hair, try to do it with a wide bristle comb.  Choose a haircut that allows you to wear it looking good and not comb it too often, so you will touch it less and it will get less greasy.

Regarding visits to the hairdresser, a tip: try to cut the ends approximately every three months.  So it will grow stronger!

When it comes to hydrating it …

It is important to keep hair well hydrated to prevent it from drying out, breaking and falling out.  For natural hydration, natural oils are the best option.  For example, flower-based oils have a delicious aroma and guarantee deep and long-lasting nutrition.  In addition, a few drops of oil help your hair have more body.

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