Differences Between FUE And FUT Hair Transplant Technique

FUE technique and FUT technique: which is the best for the patient?

The FUE technique and the FUT technique are two different hair transplantation techniques that are applied in interventions to achieve the same objective: the placement of the grafts one by one, that is, the placement of each follicular unit individually. 

As Dr. Panno emphasises, the fundamental difference between the two hair transplant techniques, both performed excellently at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, is that each has its own surgical indication. This will determine which patients the Strip Technique (FUT) is most appropriate for and which patients are more appropriate to practice the FUE Technique

Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the hair surgeon to analyse the particular situation of the patient, which can be done through a first free informative consultation at the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, to be able to recommend from experience and professionalism, which technique is the most suitable for the patient and which one will give the best results.

The surgeon must know and perform all surgical techniques in order to better recommend. For example, if the surgeon only works the FUE technique in his clinic, he can only recommend this technique, regardless of whether it is the one that best suits the patient.

Recommendation: when choosing a hair transplant clinic to perform a hair transplant, you should take into account that the hair surgeon in charge of the intervention knows how to perform different surgical techniques to make a better recommendation to the patient of which technique to use. the better it goes.

Main differences between the FUT technique and the FUE technique

The main difference between the two methods is that with the FUE technique a large area of ​​hair must be shaved in order to expose healthy hair follicles for use in hair transplantation. After the hair has been shaved, the follicles are recovered using a small cylindrical scalpel and transplanted in groups of three to five follicles.

In the same way as with the FUT technique, hair implants are performed following the hairline and its original growth direction to obtain a totally natural result.

Next, we leave you this summary table with the main differences between the FUE and FUT technique of hair transplantation:

                     FUE Technique                                                                 FUT Technique

        (Follicular Unit Extraction)                               (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Holes are made in the donor area

Cuts are made

Scar is avoided

There is a minimal scar

It is necessary to shave the hair 

No need to cut hair

The method is somewhat slower

Faster extraction

6 day recovery

Recovery between 10 and 14 days

The follicle is manipulated

The follicle is cut

The postoperative is faster  

Greater rest to prevent the wound from opening

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