Can dye or certain hairstyles cause alopecia?

Today we know that the dye and all the products made with the change of hair color, produce a weakness of the hair fiber.
A continuous repetition of the dye on our hair and especially those that cause discoloration, change the properties of our hair, making it weaker and break more easily. Due to this weakness, we also cause the volume of our hair to decrease.
It is important to remember that to dye our hair we must use moisturising products to compensate for the dryness of the hair before these treatments.
The European Union has been investigating all types of hair treatments for many years in relation to their effects and their allergies. More than half of the substances cause allergies, so manufacturers are aware of the strong allergic reactions they can cause.
At the Dr Panno Clinic we recommend using sulfate-free and toxic-free products that also respect the environment, in turn improving the quality of the hair and achieving long-lasting dyeing.
One of our latest products has all the necessary components to use in your daily routine and achieve perfect hydration: the new ECOLION solid shampoo.
In short, hair loss or aging can be caused by the abusive use of dyes, so we recommend using them moderately or even avoiding them, taking into account the type of hair we have and the damage it causes. can cause in our hair.

How can you stop all hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by external factors that we cannot control, such as genetics or hair diseases, although as we have previously indicated, the use of hair dyes and especially those that contain bleaching elements, completely damage the root of the hair, making it weaker, losing more volume and density.
All these falls are caused by several factors and there are already many people who suffer from this, currently in Spain more than 45% of the population suffers from hair loss.
Currently, we have a wide range of very effective treatments to be able to recover a large part of the lost hair or even strengthen our scalp.
In case of suffering from some type of acute alopecia, which has already caused several bald areas in which hair does not grow, the most effective solution is a hair transplant, which can be combined with different hair treatments that will restore strength and density to your hair.
Thanks to one of the techniques such as FUE, based on the individual extraction of follicular units from the donated area, we can implant these follicles in the area affected by alopecia, making the hair grow and strengthen in that specific area.
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