5 tips to take care of your hair this summer

Excessive exposure to the sun damages the hair, causing it to burn, change its texture, weaken it, dry it out and lose color, among many other things.

Part of this damage can be reversed with various treatments such as deep hydration. At Dr Panno  we can prepare the hair for all the attacks it receives in summer, giving thickness, texture and avoiding its suffering.

It is a perfect treatment to perform before or after summer, as it offers deep hydration.

The process of hydration and nutritional care helps to provide the necessary amount of rehydrating fats so that the hair is soft, shiny and shiny.

However, to prevent our hair from becoming malnourished, dry and brittle this summer, at the Dr. Panno Clinic we offer a series of tips to prevent and repair hair damage.

1. Protect your head with a hat

As for the skin, the best prevention is to cover the area with a physical barrier to prevent sunlight from reaching the person. In this case, we recommend covering your head with a cap or hat so that it does not affect the scalp.

2. Hydrate your hair

The second tip is to moisturize your hair. If it is well hydrated, it can cope with the external influences to which we are exposed more aggressively than in summer.

It is advisable to use a nourishing hair mask and choose shampoos with natural ingredients, mild and without sulfates that weaken the water layer.

In addition, as we have mentioned before, in our clinic we have an ideal deep hydration to carry out before and after the summer, managing to give vitality and softness to our hair, this being the perfect ally to complement with daily hair care, based on masks. and products that favor the hydration of our hair.

3. Use sunscreen for your hair

Using sunscreen specifically for your hair is one of the most effective ways to prevent hair damage. These cosmetics are usually made in the form of sprays or oils and are highly absorbent and penetrating.

4. Do not Blow dry and avoid tight hairstyles

Clínic Dr. Panno recommends that you do not style your hair too tight when your hair is wet or leave it damp for too long.

5. Rinse your hair after leaving the pool or the sea

Another good summer habit is to wet your hair in the shower before going to the pool or the sea. Hair absorbs water, so by wetting it before bathing in a pool or the sea, we reduce the hair’s ability to absorb water, considerably reducing exposure to irritants.

In the same way, when leaving the water it is necessary to rinse the hair to eliminate the remains of salt water or chlorine.
This summer take care of your hair.

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