Post summer hair treatments

 Salt water, sun, chlorine, sweating, humidity… Summer can affect your hair health!  Although we love summer, this season is usually one of the most damaging for hair.  For this reason, when we return from vacation, it is more common than we think that our hair is frizzy, dehydrated, less silky and loses its shine.

 But do not panic, with the advice that we are going to share with you below, you will recover the vitality of your hair.

 How to recover hair after summer?

 One of the options is to get a cut to say goodbye to split ends and «clean up» the hair, but that’s not enough.  We must bear in mind that the health of our hair depends on our hair health.  So our recommendation as experts in hair care is to opt for a deep hydration of the hair.

 Deep hydration will help your hair recover its lost shine, elasticity and hydration.  In addition, it will protect your hair from free radicals.

 On the other hand, hair supplements can help you take care of your scalp to have healthy and well-groomed hair.

 Why strengthen hair care after the summer?

  • It will improve the appearance of your hair, reducing the dreaded frizz effect.
  • It will provide luminosity and flexibility from the root to the ends.
  • In dyed hair, it will prevent the hair from acquiring a greenish tone.
  • You will eliminate impurities from your scalp benefiting hair growth.

 How to take care of hair at home?

 In addition to going to hair specialists, we must continue with care at home.

  1. Choose a nourishing shampoo adapted to your hair type that hydrates.  Choosing a shampoo for colored hair is not the same as choosing a shampoo for curly hair.
  2. Avoid applying heat.  Excessive use of dryers or irons can damage the hair.
  3. When choosing dyes, opt for those that are respectful of your hair.
  4. Use nourishing masks that help restore the vitality of your hair.
  5. Although we sometimes do not give it the importance it deserves, choosing a good brush is essential to avoid damaging the hair.

 At Dr. Panno we analyze your hair to recommend the best hair therapy based on the needs of your scalp.

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