How to prevent hair loss in autumn?

Every year, the same story… It is the end of summer and feeling that our hair is different, it is as if it rejected the change of season.  With the arrival of autumn, the hair loses vitality, light, elasticity, becomes brittle.  But… If there is something that upsets us in autumn, it is the excessive hair loss that occurs in these months.

 So, this year, we want to give you tips so that your hair does not suffer from the change of season.  Read on and learn how to prevent fall hair loss!

 Prevent hair loss in autumn

 The good news about hair loss in autumn is that it is seasonal and with the correct care, our hair will recover all its splendor.  But, as the saying goes: “prevention is better than cure”.  So here are our five recommendations to look amazing all year round:

  1. Take care of your diet.

 How many times have you heard that “you are what you eat”?  Our hair also suffers from a poor diet.  Our recommendation is to eat foods rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and collagen.  Some foods such as pumpkin (autumn product par excellence), are rich in vitamins A, which promote healthy hair.

  1. Avoid sleeping with wet hair.

 Whether it is autumn or any other season, sleeping with wet hair is one of the most common mistakes, since humidity can cause infections to appear in the hair follicles.

  1. Choose a good brush.

 Nope!  Not all brushes are the same!  It’s about time you chose a quality brush that doesn’t break your hair.

  1. From bottom to top.

 At Dr.Panno we recommend brushing your hair upside down to stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate your hair.

  1. Deep hydration.

 Moisturizing the hair prevents hair breakage, gives it thickness and luminosity.  Healthy hair is synonymous with beautiful hair.  In addition, accompanying hydration with a correct massage helps activate blood circulation and helps products penetrate the hair better, ensuring better results.

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