alopecia en mujeres

Prevent Alopecia In Women

Female alopecia and its prevention   Preventing alopecia in women is one of the great challenges in trichology specialists’ consultations today.  Women,…

Capillary Stromal Therapy

Capillary stromal therapy is a new modality in the field of capillary regeneration, committed to using the same follicular units (grafts) that…


Is Alopecia Hereditary?

Alopecia and its relationship with hereditary genetics  Alopecia or hair loss, suffered by both men and women, can be due to different…

Riesgos de la Automedicación Capilar

Hair Self-Medicating Risks

Hair self-medicating is an increasingly widespread behavior among patients who want to treat their alopecia or improve the condition of their hair,…

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