FUE Hair Transplant Without Shaving

FUE sin rasurar



Currently, there are many existing hair transplant techniques.  Due to the advancement of technology in the field of hair transplant, some techniques have evolved according to the profile of the patient, the increased demand and discretion among men for cosmetics, in addition to other characteristics;
This has led to new ways of performing hair transplant surgery, such as the long hair FUE technique.
This technique is the only one that can be performed avoiding shaving, it is one of the reasons why hair transplantation has attracted more interest in recent years.  Thus, patients who previously had shame about the obviousness of such surgery in the first days, currently do not hesitate in their decision to carry out the intervention in this new, discreet way.

What does the FUE Hair Transplant Technique consist of without shaving?

The hair surgery was without shaving is ambulatory with local anesthesia.  A special cylindrical scalpel is used and they are grafted, growth pattern and natural hair orientation.  There are two ways to perform this technique:
FUE.  This technique is performed only by shaving the donor area, which will be covered with the upper part of the area, preventing it from being seen.  The FUE hair graft technique has a limitation of follicular units.
FUE long hair.  This technique is one of the most innovative in the field of hair surgery, it is performed with a special punch and micro-puncture.  It can be performed with a length of up to 3cm, the maximum number of units that can be implanted with this technique is 500 a day for 3 consecutive days, therefore, its post-operative care must be much stricter and the hair treatments recommended by the  doctor.  In addition, it allows to better understand the orientation of the grafted hair and the results are very natural.

What are the advantages of the FUE Technique without shaving?

  •  A more abundant density can be achieved.
  •  It is a minor outpatient surgery (local anesthesia).
  •  It can be done without shaving.
  •  Quick and painless recovery.
  •  State-of-the-art instruments.
  •  More natural results.
  •  Up to 1,500 follicular units can be recovered.
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