Hair transplant for men

Hair Transplant for Men

Around fifty percent of men suffer some type of hair loss, which is known as male alopecia. This can happen during adolescence, in their twenties or in their thirties; in fact, at any age. If you suffer hair lossfrom any factor or due to illness, stress or any other reason, this can drastically affect your appearance, cause lack of security and self-esteem, therefore, reduced quality of life. The good news is that it is possible to recover a healthy and full life and to return to feel at ease with oneself and, once again, proud of your appearance.

At Dr. Panno hair transplant clinic in Marbella, we offer hair loss treatments for male alopecia which are minimally invasive and that hardly require a long recovery period to achieve natural and dense results. Its pioneering technique consists of removing healthy hair follicles from a specific area of ​​the head or body and performing a hair transplant to the affected area. It is possible to treat all kinds of problems, among which are those related to eyebrows, beards or the coverage of surgical scars from previous hair transplants.

Advantage of the Dr. Panno hair clinic

  • The highly qualified team of Dr. Panno performs all procedures with local anaesthesia .
  •  The technique of extracting follicular units does not require stitches. Thicker hair for a more natural look and a greater volume.
  • Recovery time shorter than that of the FUT method (through which a strip of skin is removed).
  • Minimal impact on the scalp.
  • Can camouflage scar tissue, burns and marks of previous transplants.
  • Reduced downtime (loss of one or two working days and one week without sports).
  • Unlike the FUT method, the extraction of follicular units requires minimal postoperative care.



Body hair transplant (BHT)

It is an outpatient procedure that can be done in a day, using local anesthesia. Instead of extracting follicles from the scalp, hair follicles are harvested from your chest, back, arms, legs or even your face and are transplanted with FUE method. The follicles are removed with care while preparing the areas to which they are going to be transplanted.

Dr. Panno's specialised hair transplant technique uses tiny incisions to transplant up to three hairs at a time, following the hairline and its natural growth direction. This method effectively increases hair density. Once the process is completed, you will receive medication and postoperative care instructions for the following days.

This technique is ideal when it is not possible to harvest follicles from the scalp. It is used to increase the hair density of moustaches , beards and eyebrows and to cover scar tissue.







Cover your scars with hair transplantation


If you do not like a scar that would normally be hidden by your hair, do not hesitate to fix it. Dr. Panno's hair transplant clinic uses the latest hair transplant techniques, which makes it possible to transplant hair in the affected area to cover the scar.

Hair transplantation is a science in constant evolution for resolving the male alopecia. Great advances have been made that allow transplanting hair to scar tissue to cover scars from birth or caused by injuries, burns, previous transplants, etc.

The use of this kind of treatment stimulates the continuous growth of the hair in the scar tissue, although not with the same density as in normal tissue due to the lack of elasticity and blood flow to the skin. It may require a greater number of sessions and care during recovery; However, you will get natural and healthy hair as a result.


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