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What are Follicular Units?

Learning about follicular units

The follicular units, or small groups of hair, are the basis for performing different hair transplants at present. Its discovery in the 80s allowed to improve the quality of this type of surgeries by taking full advantage of all its properties.
The follicular unit (UF) is the indispensable element of the transplant, since the growth of the scalp does not occur in isolation or independently, but in small groups formed by two, three or even four hairs encompassing small families. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that:
–  1 follicular unit constitutes 2.5 follicles, 1 follicle 1 being hair.
–  Understanding the previous step, 100 follicular units are about 2,500 hairs.

Each follicular unit is formed by:

-1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs in the same unit

-Approximately nine sebaceous glands associated with hair follicles

-The perifollicle (band of collagen fibers that surrounds the hair follicles)

In addition, attending to the race, the follicular units will be different, presenting the European between two and three hairs, the Asians, one hair in front of the color race with two hairs. The extraction of the UF will involve its maintenance under conditions of adequate temperatures and humidity in order to guarantee its properties, guaranteeing also the success of the intervention. During the procedure, in order to take full advantage of the properties of follicular units, they are maintained in exactly the same way as they are obtained without any type of manipulation. The key to guarantee density is to work with a greater number of follicular units per session, the caliber of the hair being an aspect to be taken into account and the greater the thickness (greater than 80 microns) and density of the UF (greater than 70). The results are better.

Hair trasnplant with a professional

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