Alopecia by traction

Why alopecia is produced by traction

Traction alopecia is a type of alopecia that occurs as a result of stretching the hair continuously from the root and this ends up falling as a result of traction. Although it is a type of alopecia that usually occurs mainly in women, it also affects children and men to a lesser extent, and can occur intentionally or unconsciously. The different ways of producing alopecia by traction are: by twisting, by friction of objects against the scalp, by stretching hair by hairstyles or trichotillomania (habit of plucking the hair itself).

How to avoid traction alopecia

Here are some basic tips to avoid traction alopecia:
1. Be more careful with your hair in general
2. Eliminates hairstyles that cause discomfort due to tension and pain in the head: braids, ponytails, pigtails, curlers, etc.
3. Try to wear loose hair more often
4. Keep your hair well hydrated and wear nutritious masks
5. Avoid the use of dyes and abrasive chemicals
6. Do not use extensions, hairpieces or any other element that adds weight
7. Betting on regenerative hair treatments

Traction alopecia is usually, in most cases, temporary, but if not treated in time it can lead to permanent baldness. In the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we offer different regenerative hair treatments that are ideal for hair to recover its good condition.
In the case that the hair follicles have been subjected to great stress for prolonged periods and the hair does not grow back, Dr. Panno will be able to evaluate the performance of a capillary surgery on the affected area.

Hair graft with a professional

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