implante capilar

The capillary fragility

There are several factors that make the hair fragile and easily broken, so when we notice that our hair loses thickness and becomes weak, it is a good time to go to the specialist and assess immediately what is happening. There is no doubt that genetics can define how our hair is, its color, its texture, etc., but there are also many other factors such as hormonal changes, stress, or diet that affect and determine the appearance of our hair and capillary suffragility.


Nutrient deficiency affects the hair:

  • Iron helps the hair follicles to grow.
  • Vitamin D helps activate growth and proteins are necessary for cell growth and repair.
  • The omega 3 fatty acids, present in fatty fish, have also been shown to be a food that moisturizes our damaged hair.
  • Biotin and vitamin B12 help strengthen and condition the hair, its deficiency makes the hair look weak and brittle.


Stress is another of the signs by which the quality of our hair is affected. Normally they move around 100 hairs a day, but in situations of prolonged stress, this amount can get to shoot up.

Other factors

Other factors, such as menopause and hair aging, also affect us. During menopause, hormonal decompensation can cause capillary fragility. Over the years, especially after 45 years, the hair ages and becomes thinner, also decreasing its density. Scalp irritation also causes capillary fragility and hair loss. When the skin around the hair follicles becomes inflamed, it weakens the root and increases its vulnerability. If you notice that the natural line of your hair is expanding, your hair is thinner than before or you can see the scalp through the hair, you may have weakened hair and you should go to the specialist to find the best solution.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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