Hair For Women

The Importance Of Hair For Women

Feminine beauty contributes power and generates confidence. Throughout history, beauty standards have been changing, adapting to fashions and new times. The concept of feminine beauty has evolved a lot since the early twentieth century to the present day, but there has always been a constant variable: hair.

Hair for women, a fundamental attribute

Hair is the physical aspect with the greatest impact on a person’s image and this takes on even more prominence in the case of women. The physical part of our image is the first that makes us distinguish between others and this point is important to keep in mind in our day to day and be aware of it.

Hair for women is the most striking physical aspect: the length, the color, the shape, the way to wear it – loose, with a ponytail, etc. – or its smell. In addition, a woman’s hair speaks for itself, that is, gives indications of her personality. Therefore, it is essential for women to have beautiful, well-groomed and healthy hair because it will always be an important attribute of women, both for themselves and for others. The importance of a healthy hair impacts not only what we communicate but also how we feel, helping to raise the security and self-confidence from the care of physical appearance.

At the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, we receive numerous women every week who come for regenerative hair treatments to improve the quality, shine or appearance of their hair. After the warm weather it is essential to bet on this type of treatments to restore our hair to its natural appearance and restore it from all that it could have suffered during the summer months due to external factors such as sun or chlorine.

Hair treatments with a professional

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