Direct Hair Implant, Unreliable hair transplant technique in Turkey.

Unreliable hair transplant techniques

The field of hair surgery is in full swing and in continuous expansion, both nationally and internationally. It is increasingly common to read news or surf social networks discovering new developments around the hair implant, its techniques, its processes and its improvements. Here comes into play the importance of going to a specialist in the field, such as Dr. Panno, who with your experience and professionalism gives you the confidence to put you in good hands.
Due to the birth of new techniques of capillary grafting, many of them the result of improvements in the field of hair surgery and scientific advances in the discovery of new techniques and new instruments, we must have the opinion of an expert. Not everything new is better and you have to be well informed of the reliability of what the capillary graft market is presenting as a novelty and if they are recognized by specialists.
From the Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic we would like to tell you about a new technique in particular:

Direct Hair Implant.

Direct Hair Implant, a hair transplant technique from Turkey
Direct Hair Implant, an unknown hair transplant technique that is commonly practiced in Turkey, is one of those techniques that are not accredited and for which no guarantees have been demonstrated. It is a technique that does not exist properly and is not supported by any international association related to the field of hair surgery.
The Direct Hair Implant consists of performing the capillary graft in a shorter time than usual in the most common techniques – FUE or FUT – presenting this characteristic as something beneficial for the patient.
Those who practice it ensure that the fact that the hair is out of the body less time is better, but this implies that that hair has not gone through the corresponding process of hairtreaming. This means that the hair will be more susceptible to problems in the postoperative period. Thus, the clinics in Turkey can take on more patients in the same day by dedicating less time to each of them.

In addition, it is also important to detail that with this technique the caliber of the hair is not taken into account, placing it indiscriminately in one area or another. This will cause undesirable results.

Hair transplant with a professional

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