Knowing capillary graft with FUE and nanoFue

What is a capillary graft with FUE technique

The Dr. Panno Hair Trasplant Clinic in Marbella is specialized in hair implants using the FUE technique. These acronyms respond to the terms Follicular Unit Extraction that make reference to the method in which this technique of capillary surgery consists: the extraction of follicular units.
The FUE technique consists in the extraction of follicular units from a donor area of the patient to be relocated. After this step, the follicles are reorganized with great care under the microscope to be subsequently placed by micrografts in the recipient area. The bald or alopecic areas that need to be repopulated to correct the problem of alopecia are called receptor zones.

Characteristics of the capillary graft with FUE technique

The FUE technique is ideal when the patient needs a capillary graft in small areas, such as sideburns, eyebrows or areas of the beard, and is the technique that Dr. Panno usually uses to cover scars.
Dr. Panno uses the FUE technique for hair implants for both men and women. It is performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, so the patient will come and leave the clinic on his own feet, although our recommendation is that he be accompanied on the day of his intervention for greater tranquility and safety.
This technique should only be performed by a qualified hair surgeon with experience in this type of capillary implant, such as Dr. Panno to ensure a quality capillary graft that meets the appropriate characteristics of density, naturalness and without leaving scars.

What is the nanoFUE technique?

The nanoFUE technique is an evolution of the FUE technique, in which a smaller punch model is used to extract the follicular units. This technique allows us to select which part of the follicular unit we want to extract, without forcing ourselves to extract all of it. When a much smaller puch is used, it does not leave any mark, although in the follicular extraction by FUE technique the small white mark is practically imperceptible, in the extraction of follicular units by means of the MicroFUE technique this does not occur. Why is the nanoFUE ideal for first line reconstruction surgery? The reconstruction of the first line is a job that only a specialist should practice with years of practice within hair surgery. Many factors must be taken into account so that the work done is natural, with the desired density and with a spectacular design.

The suitability of the nanoFUE technique, designed exclusively by Dr. Panno, is that it allows to select only one hair or two of a follicular unit composed of four hairs, therefore the necessary hairs are extracted, leaving in the follicular unit sufficient regenerative cells so that the regeneration of the donor area is better, achieving between 20 – 60% regeneration. The FUE technique removes the entire follicular unit and leaves a small white dot that is not very visible. In addition, the surgeon must use the complete follicular unit. In the nanoFUE, only the part of the follicular unit that interests us is extracted. This technique also facilitates the selection of the caliber of the grafts, the smaller caliber for the first line and then the caliber is increased as we enter the rest of the hair.

Another factor to achieve natural and dense results in hair transplants is the assessment of the angle of hair placement. The angle of inclination that should be given depending on the area of ​​the head where the hair is placed and the type of hair of the patient are very important aspects that an expert surgeon must take into account. If you want to know if you are a good candidate to touch up those entries or first line, get in touch with us and consult through a free diagnostic consultation with Dr. Panno to personally assess your case and determine what is the best technique of hair implant for you.

Hair graft with a professional

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