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Learn How Hair Surgery Day Will Be

First step: choice of hair surgeon

The first and most important decision if you are thinking of taking the final step to combat your alopecia is the choice of hair surgeon that will directly influence the success of the results you get in hair surgery. Dr. Ezequiel Panno is considered the best hair surgeon in Spain. In addition, the new Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, recently inaugurated, is the first Spanish clinic designed exclusively for the performance of hair transplants.

The day of capillary surgery at the Dr. Panno

Clinic Hair transplantation is a surgery performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis using specific techniques: the FUE technique, the FUT technique or the nanoFue technique. The most frequent areas that undergo capillary grafts are the head, the beard and the eyebrows and are, without a doubt, the definitive solution to alopecia.
Once you have gone to your first informative consultation with Dr. Panno to personally assess your case, the doctor will determine which technique or combination of techniques will be used and the number of follicular units that will be needed. Then, we tell you how the day will go when we cite you for the realization of your capillary implant with Dr. Panno:

1. Arrival at the clinic: you will have to go to the clinic at the beginning of the day, since all the hair surgeries are done during the morning
2. Cut the hair
3. Phase 1 of the intervention: extraction of UF
4. Phase 2 of the intervention: implementation of UF
5. Consultation: subsequent indications and care
6. Home! From here, an exhaustive system of follow-up appointments will be established to assess the evolution of the intervened zone. The results of hair transplantation will begin to be noticed generally after the third month.

Hair Transplant with a professional

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