Biotin, An Excellent Hair Nutrient

Better known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, biotin is a water-soluble nutrient that is involved in promoting cell division and growth, so it is essential for many tissues of the body, especially it can be a great nutrient for your hair.

Biotin and hair growth

In addition to being nutritious, biotin contributes to hair growth. The hair is very sensitive to the nutritional status of the whole body, so that a low level of vitamins or minerals is manifested in weak, brittle and low-volume hair. Therefore, providing vitamins and minerals to the hair on a continuous basis can favor hair health, with biotin being a great carrier of vitamins and, therefore, one of the nutrients that most contribute to hair growth.

The vitamins of group B, to which biotin belongs, are the most important for the metabolic processes of the hair. In addition, biotin is popularly known as the vitamin of the skin, hair and nails.

Biotin exerts a coenzyme function, stimulating the action of some essential enzymes in cell duplication processes. That is, it favours the growth of rapidly reproductive tissues, such as skin and hair. In addition, it is involved in fat metabolism. In the scalp, this translates into more elasticity and less hair breakage, resulting in greater protection against hair loss.

Foods rich in biotin

Here is a list of foods rich in biotin that you can incorporate into your diet if you want to take care of your hair with food. In addition, now that we are in summer, you can enjoy many of them in a fresh and very appealing way:

Tomato: it is a good way to add biotin to the diet and allows you to get vitamin C that also helps to have perfect hair.

Banana: it is one of the fruits with the highest biotin content. You can incorporate a daily unit to obtain this nutrient and others good for the health of the body.

Brown rice: whole grains are a good source of this vitamin. Incorporate them, for example, as part of a salad, to enjoy its benefits.

Eggs: we can add them to our tortilla diet, as part of a salad, on a cake or at a breakfast.

Blue fish: they are the fish that contain the most biotin, such as tuna, salmon, sardines or herring. In addition, this vitamin that helps grow and strengthens the hair, are a source of omega 3 that give shine and softness to the hair.

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