alopecia en mujeres

Prevent Alopecia In Women

Female alopecia and its prevention
Preventing alopecia in women is one of the great challenges in trichology specialists’ consultations today.  Women, like men, suffer from alopecia and develop it of different types and different levels.  Female alopecia, related to both hair loss and loss of capillary density, occurs in the most visible areas of the scalp – upper and first line areas – and, on many occasions, can cause self-esteem problems.
At Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic we always defend that the key to successfully treating and preventing alopecia in women is to tackle it on time, which will lead to better results and certain advantages.  Among the simplest ways to prevent alopecia is youth, that is, its treatment is recommended from a young age.  The prevention of alopecia or its treatment in the initial phase will be a better option than its treatment in an advanced phase.
Some tips to prevent female alopecia
Follow a complete and balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates and water.
Avoid applying excessive heat caused by blow drying, flat irons, or tweezers.  Try to let the hair dry naturally as much as possible.
Eliminate hairstyles that cause a feeling of discomfort due to tension and headaches: braids, braids, ponytails, pigtails, etc.  Try to wear your hair loose as often as possible.
Keep your hair well hydrated and use nourishing masks.
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and dyes.
Do not use extensions, hairpieces or any other element that adds weight.
Bet on regenerative hair treatments.
Go to the specialist. If you detect that your hair is falling out more than usual or you detect that it has lost shine, strength or quality, you should immediately go to the specialist in the hair field.
In our clinic, Dr. Panno will be in charge of defining the hair treatment plan that the patient needs, with or without hair surgery, depending on various factors and the state of the alopecic area.  All this will be evaluated in a first free informative consultation with the doctor in our Hair Transplant Clinic.
Hair regeneration treatments for women
Preventing alopecia in women through the application of hair regeneration treatments is also one of the approaches that we offer at Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic.  A widely used route for women is preventive hair medicine, which offers medical options based on different types of injectables:
Hair mesotherapy: consists of the injection of a medication into the scalp that will revitalise your hair from within. Its application is local and is administered to reinforce the results of other treatments as well as to prevent hair loss, strengthen transplanted hair and hydrate the scalp, promoting hair growth.
Other options in which preventive hair medicine comes into play are: carboxytherapy or oral and topical medication as supplements, such as finasteride or minoxidil.

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