New Hair Therapy With Stem Cell

Mesodermal Stem Cell Treatment

One of the latest hair treatments that are incorporated into the wide variety of hair regeneration therapies that we offer at Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant Clinic is mesodermal stem cell therapy, which was born as a novel procedure that promises a solution to hair loss. This uses pluripotent stem cells existing in the human body to regenerate damaged or aged cells that assist in hair growth.

Mesodermal stem cell therapy consists of taking one or more samples from the scalp, which are treated and reinfiltered into that scalp combined with mesotherapy or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). What is done with this therapy is to use the stem cells of the follicles that are taken to inject them again in the areas where the hair is deficient or miniaturised.

These stem cells will act in two ways:

  • They will join together to form a new follicle and regenerate new hair (although this function is not currently demonstrated)
  • They will join other hair follicles, thus increasing the volume of stem cells in it, to help the hair become thicker, stronger and shinier, and therefore, the result is a regenerated hair of higher quality

It is recommended to do it once a year, since a single annual session is enough, and its application works with great success in women. In addition, it is a simple and minimally invasive procedure.


Other new hair regeneration therapies at the Clinic

The Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, in its constant evolution and adoption of cutting-edge techniques and treatments, has just incorporated other new hair regeneration therapies into its services. These are:

  • Non-invasive hair stimulation therapy, hair gymnastics

Non-invasive hair stimulation therapy consists of the application on the scalp of a series of physical and chemical stimuli that are combined with each other forming a continuous sequence that is progressively enhanced. These stimuli achieve a strengthening of the hair from the roots because the massage stimulates blood circulation in those areas.

  • FoliPDO treatment, pioneers in the sector

Pioneers in this treatment, it is performed with PDO threads, fine strands that are introduced under the scalp, whose action consists of stimulating the tissues and the formation of new collagen and fibroblasts, increasing the release of growth factors, increasing blood flow and thus regenerating the scalp. The effect is similar to that of the application of a plasma rich in platelets but enhanced and of longer duration, and can last up to a year. Furthermore, with PDO threads there is no risk of rejection and they are perfectly tolerated by the patient.

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