Fraud in the Field of Hair Transplant Surgery

At present, it is common to know through the media numerous cases of medical infractions of all kinds and fraud in the execution of hair surgery. Some media are interested in further investigating this information and end up betting on the production of reports in order to warn society and warn about the problem.

Hair transplant and the most frequent frauds in the media

We leave you some articles published in the media in which news about frauds in the field of hair surgery are collected:

Teasing a hair clinic in Valencia: 9 euros for each implanted hair (El Español). Go to the news

Dermatologists warn of «low cost» hair transplants (El Periódico). Go to the news

Two courts in Valencia investigate a scam in hair implants (Las Provincias). Go to the news

Alert for fraud in hair treatments (El Periódico). Go to the news

Experts warn of the risk of “low cost” hair transplants and health tourism to Turkey (ABC). Go to the news

All these contents are a major concern for the professional sector of hair transplant surgery and reflect a reality that is presented as a threat to the health and well-being of patients.

How to avoid fraud when having a hair transplant surgery

Successful decision making will be the key to undergo a quality and successful hair transplant. The main aspects on which the future patient should reflect in the phase prior to performing his hair surgery are listed below:

The choice of the hair surgeon

The hair surgeon must be a qualified and trained surgeon to be able to develop this professional discipline, with great experience, expertise and that is exclusively focused on hair treatments and interventions. It also has to be part of specialised associations, such as ISHRS, and certify its prestige and professional excellence with recognitions and awards that support it. Dr. Panno brings together all these qualities and characteristics and, therefore, is the best hair surgeons in Spain

The choice of hair transplant clinic

The facilities and conditions of the clinic should also be aspects that are part of the decision process. Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic is the first clinic in Spain dedicated exclusively to hair transplantation. This is a guarantee of specialisation and of having the best technology and the best equipment in the field.

The location of the clinic

A point to assess when choosing a hair surgery clinic or another, will be the location of it. It is important that displacements be contemplated due to the postoperative process and the periodic visits that will be required after hair surgery. The Dr. Panno Hair Transplant Clinic presents a series of extra amenities that are also very well valued by patients when choosing us, such as its location in Marbella (Málaga), on the Costa del Sol, an excellent team and a Quality care for the permanent patient through the different social channels, telephone and whatsApp.

Hair transplant surgery with a professional

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